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My "Other" Writings
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16th-Jul-2006 12:40 am - I have been doing some writing, I
just cannot post it here since it is for an erotic short story contest and it has to be previously unpublished. HOWEVER...I could use two VERY reliable, honest and trustworthy people to do some proofreading for me. My DH and another RL friend are also doing some proofing, but I would like the opinions of those who have a true interest in reading erotica. Either comment here or send me an email at barbie.zasada@comcast.net if you are interested. Please don't be offended if you offer and I opt for using someone else that I might have had more interaction with. There will also be further opportunities as this is not a one time thing.

I have one story finished already, or rather in its 3rd draft. I am beginning work on the 2nd story this evening. In fact, while the stories are to be previously unpublished, I am going to be using one of my more "recent" posts in barbiebaby09 as a launching ground; it is mine after all and I am not submitting it as it is currently written; I will be doing some major editing on it. I will give you details as to the guidelines for the stories when you contact me. What you do need to know now though is that I MUST submit the stories, a max of 3, prior to midnight on the 31st; so I am working on something of a deadline. Let me say thank you ahead of time to anyone who does offer to help me out with this.

NOTE: Most of you here probably already saw this post at the erotic writing blog I have, but for those of you who don't read that one I thought I'd post the request here as well!
18th-May-2006 09:53 pm - Prompt courtesy of amama_in_ga
I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago...as most of you know though, my time has been crunched and I've had little time to post this...I am making a special effort to post it tonight...I need to feel the soothing tear of having written something that moves the soul...


She climbed the steps and locked herself in the bathroom.  She sat herself down on the white porcelain toilet and quietly the sobs wracked her body and soul as she doubled over in what felt like physical pain.  She'd known that she wouldn't have much time before her youngest daughter, who still lived at home, came looking for her.  The daughter gave her less time than she had anticipated.  She could hear the heavy foot fall of her daughter and the inevitable knock upon the door.  She sat up, wiped her eyes and face, took a deep breath and while looking across to the claw foot bathtub, which had been original to the house, she let her daughter know that she'd be out in a couple of minutes.

They had spent years re-decorating the bathroom.  Even before getting married she had started by stripping off most of the 1970's-era wallpaper that hung in all of it's horrid rose and blue and red glory above the cream painted  chair rail (author's note:  don't know if this is what it is called when in a bathroom).  She never did understand why anybody would ever paint such beautiful woodworking.  She was just thankful that it was the only room in the house that had ever been desecrated in such a fashion.  The process of creating the bathroom had been long; at times coming to a complete stand still so other projects could be started and finished.

After having splashed her face with cold water from the pedestal sink she'd desperately wanted, she looked at herself in the rectangular shaped mirror that was simple and above the sink and had been the final piece in the bathroom; her eyes were filled with tears.  The frame matched the oak trim she'd painstakingly stripped of its peeling paint and refinished to a red oak to match the rest of the house's woodwork that ran throughout each and every room from the door to the baseboard to the built-in cabinets to the stairs, floors and railing.  They'd spent countless hours on countless days browsing antique shops and second-hand stores for just the right mirror.  They hadn't been sure of what that mirror might look like, but they knew that they would know it it when they found it.  Besides, it was the perfect excuse to travel far and near in search of as yet to be explored antique shops that were full of treasures they could covet.  What was she going to do now?

12th-May-2006 09:38 pm - Save the internet
The internet is being threatened by corporate America!  Currently the big phone and cable companies are lobbying for a monopoly on where we go and what we do when visiting the internet...please sign the petition and ask Congress to keep the information highway open!!!

4th-May-2006 12:38 pm - Ha!
So last night I did finally do some writing based upon my last prompt request. As I can't post it now, I will do so sometime later today after I get home. I think I like it and after posted, I would certainly love some critiquing!

OH! And finally all of my accounts are paid accounts! I'm a happy woman.
25th-Apr-2006 08:04 am - New prompt request
Name an object.
19th-Apr-2006 11:29 pm - Prompt from r_riggs
Once the headache starts, then begins the kalediscope journey...

I can feel it coming.  I've always been able to feel it coming.  It starts with a twinge in my neck that soon spreads to an ache down my shoulder and into my arm.  It is the beginning of the seeming paralysis that grips me.  Once the headache starts, then begins the kaleidescope journey into the nightmare of throbbing pain; sensitivity to light and noise.  When the headache comes, the tears well up in my eyes.  I want to cry - no, I want to sob because the pain is so incredibly intense.  But that only makes it hurt more; it's like picking a scab.  It hurts to close my eyes.  When I close them I can see colors bouncing around behind my eyelids.  Reds and blues doing battle within my head like good and evil fighting for my soul.  I feel like my brain is going to come popping out of the fissure that seems to be forming at the top of my skull.  He brings me a cold wash cloth.  It feels so good on my forehead.  He whispers that he loves me.  It hurts my ears.  Even just the whisper.  But I am eternally grateful for that love.  He knows that sound and light and yes, even touch, make the pain worse, so he quickly and quietly leaves me, closing the door behind him once again.  And I am alone with the pain that has always haunted me.
12th-Apr-2006 01:29 am - Give me a sentence...
that I can use for inspiration to write something short and sweet...or not so sweet...
10th-Apr-2006 01:37 pm - A Warm and Wonderful Welcome
This is one of two new journals that I am setting up today. I am leaving behind how_things_are. The person who began that journal roughly a year ago no longer exists. She has grown and changed beyond her wildest imagination. Certainly there are some things that will remain the same; but there are many more that will never, ever be the same again.

This particular journal is for writing. It is for writing things that move me. Hopefully they will move you too, but it is not necessary for them to do that. This is a very selfish place for me and I will not hold back. This is a creative journal for the purposes of honing my writing abilities.

Right now you are here because you are of the select that I have chosen to join me on my new journey. If you do not want to be here, by all means leave. I will not be offended and I will love you the same as I did before. Everything here is public. It is my intent for it to always remain public.

For the record, I have two other journals that you may be interested in. bjaros is now going to be my every day journal. I also have one that is erotic writing, barbiebaby09. This is where I write erotica and the occasional piece of downright smut! Gotta have that too.

While here, I hope that you enjoy yourself and what you read. Please, feel free to comment. As long time LJ friends know, I am an unabashed comment whore. But do not feel that you need only to leave positive commentary. Again, this is the journal I will be using to write in order to hone my skill. I need constructive criticism as well.

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